Friday, March 26, 2010


Just stoping by to say hello. It was a blast at my crop i think i did good i got 36 cards done 4 one page layouts and an altered book for my aunt that was here. and she loved it.

Who ever said two were hard i think 3 are harder. Hay is a pain some days. she has a thing of not lestoning to what i tell her and dose what ever she wants. i understand she is a kid but ug. I dont ask for much from her a toy pick up every now and then and to hear me when i talk. other then that she is great she is a super fun kid to be around and i love it.
Bobby and i are good. bobby has been sick for 3 weeks now 2 rounds of antibyotiocs. and predsnone. nothing is working at this point. I hope soon


Angel Mommy said...

You should post some of your work.

I hope Bobby feels better soon!

Cristen said...

ok ill post some of my work i hate taking pic of it lol

Angel Mommy said...

I'm sure it's good. your good at everything I have ever seen you make. :)