Tuesday, December 21, 2010

News from the Dr

Not sure who know what so here i go

in Jan 2010 i went to the Dr thinking i had something stuck in my throat. well after a not so very pleasant scope down my nose the dr didn't see a thing. So off to X-ray i went to get a a scan done. getting news from the dr from my scan was well there is something on your thyroid you now will have to see Dr Mincoff.
Uhh ok so i went and met with the new dr he told me that it was a nodule on my Thyroid. but it was too small for a biopsy. so we did a 3 month watch on it. in that 3 months it felt like i was being choked all the time no matter what i ate, drank or how i spent my day. It was so annoying it made me in a very rotten mood. after the 3 months i went back to see that it has not grown so that was good news right. so Dr Mincoff said we had to now wait 6 months. well in that 6 month time i didn't have the choking feeling. I was kinda normal feeling. didn't worry much about this thing any more.
in Dec i went in for my 6 month check up not thinking anything. I went in the Dr app with a huge smile on my face
The Dr found that it grew not a lot but now big enough to do a biopsy. Dr mincoff said we can do the biopsy now or we can wait. I told him im here right lets do it now. so we did. I made a few phone calls to let the hubby know whats going on. the Dr. came back in with his assistant. where she was on my right and he was on my left. he described what would happen.
"So what i am going to do is numb your neck a little then i will poke you with another needle to numb you some more then ill poke you again to get the byopsy from your thyroid."
as i sat there being poked thinking of the worse it was not that bad. its was not the best feeling either but it was not painful like having a baby or anything. The Dr had to poke me 3 times to find what he needed and finally he got it. told me 5-7 days he should have results.

7 days later of worrying and stressing that I wouldn't get to watch my daughter grow up i finally got the call.
"this is Dr. mincoff"
"good afternoon Dr"
"so well we got your results. and all that we found was Thyroid fluid. what that means if its anything its notting to worry about."
that being said my worried tummy settled down a little. i cried knowing i was ok and i would see my daughter grow a little more for now.
so im on a 6 month watch again so in june ish ill have to see him again to know if it grew or not. if it keeps growing we will hve to remove it or if it stops we keep an eye on it to know its ok.
It was very odd how we found it and if we never did that scan we would have never know. so always keep a close eye on your body no matter what.