Friday, March 11, 2011


my hubby took my car yeasterday told me he was going to see his friend and go to the bank. I was at home with 2 of my friends boys and my daughter. i got so much done and felt good about everything. He got home just as the boys were being picked up. Not thinking much about it he walked in with a bag he had told me he went to the toy store for our daughter who wanted Bash and Dash trains. about 30 min after he haded me a new iphone 4. i was so excited. i always am happy to get his old phone but i got the new one. Im so in love with my new phone it was a lot like my old iphone but its faster and i can do veideo now makes me one happy mama.


so we told my old phone and set it up as a ipod touch for our daughter who was so excited to have something as her own. she is 4