Monday, July 14, 2008

House Work

Ok my update is about house work and if i love it or now. i could say i do cuse my house is pretty clean most of the time. But im sure you want to know the gods honest truth. i HATE cleaning. there is nothing that i like about it. becides haveing a happy husband and thats the only reason i do it. I know sounds kind of silly but he loves a clean house. And i Love a Happy Husband

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What scraping Tool i cant live with out.

Oh my i have fallen in love with my Cricut. i use that thing for everything. it comes in handy. My Cricut had made me feel more complete since i have goten it. Bobbys loves to show it off to its super cute it you ask me. He is way impressed on what it can do. i love the quanty button its awsome. press it and walk away sweeeet. I am also starting to love my stamps. I have very few of the clear stamps and just love them. Ok i confess i love all my tools. i cant pick just one that i can live with out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My silly lil lady

God times flys by. My dd is now 15 almost 16 months and getting so big. she talks all the time and is a joy to be with. Last night i was talking to Bobby and he was saying how big she is getting. Its true they do grow way to fast. She loves to kiss every one and share too. not normal things kids like to do. I am hopine she will stay that sweet. She loves to play with kids her own age and older. She knows signs like more, help, please, thank you, eat, milk, dad, mom, she tryes water wow where dose the time go.


Disney ATCs i have tigger

I am doing a swap on two peas for disney atcs i am done with mine and pretty excited about them too. i was a lil worried that i would not get them done on time but guess what i did. whooo i am pretty proud of my self. I cant wait to get all of them back i am sure there is so much talent here is mine

My Diaper cake

I made a diaper cake and i think it turned out pretty good. and to my suprise it didnt take too long either. There was a ton of things in in. 57 huggies Diapers johnson baby soap, johnson shampoo, johnsons lotion, finger nail clipers, comb, 4 burb cloths, 6 wash cloths,  a bottle, desaten, 3 toys and i am sure i am missing something.