Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our silly boy Tyson!!!

Meet Tyson he is our wonderful dog. I use to work at the animal shelter and while working Tyson cam in hurt and very sweet. He was used as pit bull bait and they thought it would be fun to fight tyson. Tyson had huge wounds on his left shoulder, foot and rear leg. Every day i would go in his cage to let him know he was loved. All he could do was be a total sweetie. After spending a lot of time with him i knew he would be great for our family. I was engaged at the time i had to talk to my soon to be hubby. He didn't like the idea. he said boxers drooled, and were nuts and just no. I talked to him every day. and finally i got Bobby to the shelter to meet tyson. it was love at first site. Bobby said you didn't say he was so good looking. Tyson came home with me as a foster to watch his wounds and such. Not long after he was family. We got Tyson April 2005 in Oct 2005 he was our ring bearer yup he was in out wedding and even in our pictures. When we adopted him he was about 3-4 years old. so almost 5 years later i have my sweet love that knows dad is alpha mom is the feeder and Hay is there to make him nuts. we love our Tyson and will miss him if anything happens to him. He is very sweet and tolorates a lot. like dress up and being pulls around the house or being ran in to by hays bike. but he always has a smile on his face and can be so goofy at times.

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