Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just do not know what to think!!!

My parents lost a golden ret this summer so i have been keeping my eye out for one for them. The begining of last week i had an email sayin 4 year old golden looking for a good home gets a long with other dogs, cats and kids. every thing my parents needed since we go over all the time with tyson our dog, and Haydn. I emaild the lady saying my parents were on there way home from a trip but i would forward the number. well i did and today the lady got a hold of my mom. my mom looked at the dog brought her home to see if the match would work with her dog. I get a phone call saying "Cristen this is your Kora it is it really is. and if its not she is just like your dog". i thought and said well my Kora is older then 4 and how would she end back up in our town. If we back up a lil i had to give Kora away to a recue group because my hubby didnt care for her and we dont have a yard really. So after looking at everything out there i found a rescue group in Sacremento many hundreds miles away from where we live.

Well my mom went and talked to the lady and found out she adoped 2 dogs Kora and Max from a family who got them from a golden retivier rescue. well when we gave Kora away we also gave her buddy Max to be her side kick because he is the one that could bring her out of her shell. well the lady told my parents she also had max but a friend fell in love with him so she gave him to her friend and now she had Kora left. So this was my Kora the dog i have had since she was born i was there when mom gave birth. She is home where she belongs the funny thing the other dog that we needed a friend for is her son how funny is that. I cant wait to see her if she know the house and my parents i wonder what she will do for me. i am beyond excited to see her again. i have always wonder where she was. But she is home whooooooooo

here she is when she left
here is she today



Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons said...

How sweet, glad you have her back.

Happy anniversary, hope it is a wonderful one!

Joy said...

That is a crazy turn of events!